"Being a member of the TDMA helps promote my business. The organization is very active in creating and maintaining a beautiful and vibrant downtown. This is not only a benefit to my business but also the community at large. Businesses downtown know of the special needs and responsibilities that come with our location. By working together as one voice we are more productive. Being on the board gives me the opportunity to be
more engaged in the process."



“It is an honor to advocate for Truckee Downtown Merchants in all the multifaceted ways needed to ensure the beautification, development and sustainability of Historic Downtown Truckee.”

Cassie Hebel, Executive Director for TDMA



“I am excited to work closely with the TDMA on the Truckee Thursdays Committee. 2019 is going to be the best summer yet!”

Julie Huck, TDMA Board Member



“I love connecting with Truckee Downtown Members and marketing TDMA events. It is so much fun to watch the hard work of marketing payoff and to see people enjoying all TDMA events.”

Jen LaRose, Membership & Marketing Programs Coordinator